Drawer slot for quick, safe handling of bills and cheques,Key-activated mode switch for secure operation,Locking cash drawer with 3 bill and 6 coin compartments,Drum printer for reliable heavy-duty use,Bright, large-character LED display for easy viewing,8 pre-programmed departments and 80 price look-ups (PLUs) for quick and accurate entry.
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Compact Design with Built-In Convenience
With its low-profile design-under 20 centimeters high-the XE-A107-WH/BK is compact enough to be placed safely out of sight on a cash register rack. The front-locking cash drawer features three bill compartments and a removable six-compartment coin tray. A slot accessible from the outside of the drawer provides a quick, safe way to put large bills and cheques into an under-tray storage area without having to open the drawer or lift the heavy coin tray. What's more, a multi-purpose tray on the outside-a handy new design feature-provides a convenient resting place for coins, bills, and pens.

Bright LED Operator Display
Currency amounts are easy to read, thanks to the XE-A107-WH/BK's bright, clear LED operator display, which accommodates up to nine digits sized for easy viewing.

Key-Activated Mode Switch
For enhanced security, the XE-A107-WH/BK's operating mode can only be changed by inserting a key, ensuring that only the person entrusted with the key can change modes.

Fast and Accurate Price Entry
Equipped with 80 PLUs (price look-ups), the XE-A107-WH/BK makes entering pricing information easy. Simply enter the code for items being purchased to total up sales with accuracy and speed. Eight pre-programmed departments are also available for easy tracking and analysing of transactions by product type.

Heavy-Duty Drum Printer
With its reliable drum printer, the XE-A107-WH/BK can print out sales receipts, with up to 13 digits per line, on 58-mm-wide paper.



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