About Us


Our History:  Established in 1993, RCS, a manufacturing and trading company, produce and distribute various type of retail label & labelling, thermal paper, peripheral hardware, Point of Sales systems and Retail weighing scale for over 19 years. At that time, we were just a small team of three people.  With 15 years of reform and development, we have almost 50+ employees, 15+ skilled engineers and technician team, 8 production lines.


Our Products: Our main products are the Dibal weighing scale, Sharp electronic cash register, Ashica trade mark oem product, customize various type of retail label, thermal paper roll, receipt printers, label printers, cash drawer and so on. They are certificated by our overseas suppliers with reliable and rugged quality.


Our Mission: RCS believe a real good product indeed, is not how you will benefit when you have it, it is what you will lose without it. Our missions are related to all of our customers’ perfect product experiences. Struggling for a cost-effective, over-expected product experience for you. 





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