-Large, Multi-Line Operator Display
-Two-Line Customer Display
-Quick Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter Function
-Electronic Journal
-Quick and Accurate Price Entry
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Large Multi-Line Operator Display
A brightly lit 192 x 80-dot LCD operator display accommodates 6 or 10 lines* and up to 24 alphanumeric characters, allowing clerks to view the names of purchased items and other information with superb readability. And for easy viewing, the operator display can be tilted from 15 to 90 degrees.

Two-Line Customer Display
Easy-to-read backlit LCD gives customers a clear view of purchase and price information and can be rotated to the perfect viewing angle. The first line of this two-line display accommodates up to 20 characters; the second line can hold up to 10 digits. This pop-up customer display can also show scrolling messages, such as greetings or special-offer promotions.

Quick Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter Function

The built-in thermal printer with auto cutter function prints out sales receipts on 58-mm-wide paper at the speedy rate of approximately 15 lines per second. Logo graphics can also be printed out for customised receipts that help promote business. Two stations—one for receipts and one for real-time journal transactions—enable efficient management. And, a drop-in paper loading mechanism lets you change paper rolls quickly and easily.

Electronic Journal
The Electronic Journal function can electronically store up to 9,000 lines of transaction data as standard. For easy reference, the Electronic Journal View function can display transaction data from previous entries. And Electronic Journal data can be saved to an SD card and viewed on a PC at a later date.

Quick and Accurate Price Entry
For easy price entry, the ER-A421 comes standard with 2,000 PLU/EAN with three price levels, and the ER-A411 is equipped with 5,000 PLU/EAN expandable up to 20,000. Sales can be totaled with accuracy and speed by inputting the code for the items being purchased, by pressing the direct PLU keys, or by scanning the EAN code with a barcode reader (not included). A maximum of 99 departments is also available for easy tracking and analysis of transactions by product type. For the retail market, the Mix and Match Promotion function maximises sales opportunities and enables fast and efficient automatic deduction of discounts.

High-Capacity Metal Cash Drawer 
The space-saving cash drawer takes up minimal counter space yet provides plenty of storage via five compartments for bills and eight for coins. When not in use, the ruggedly built drawer can be locked shut to keep your money safe.

Easy Data Backup/Transfer with an SD Card
The ER-A421/A411 is equipped with an SD card slot (SD card not included) that can be used to back up various kinds of data, including daily sales and Electronic Journal data. Data can be saved to an SD card then managed on a computer via Excel or other spreadsheet applications. With the Free PC-Link Software, various settings—store name and logo, department names, product names, sales tax rates, and others—can be configured on a computer for quick and easy transfer to the ER-A421/A411 via an SD card.

Excellent Hospitality Features 
With features usually available only on higher-end registers, the ER-A421/A411 is ideal for the hospitality market. The table management system enables full table tracking together with a sophisticated bill separation menu that allows bills to be split by item, number of persons, or amount. For the fast food market, there’s a useful feature for assigning each order its own incrementally increased reference number. For any busy multi-operator business, the Sharp Overlap Clerk System ensures quick customer service and accurate entry of all registrations.

Four RS-232 Ports for Scanner Readiness and Online Capability
The ER-A421/A411 comes standard with four RS-232 ports for easy system expansion via peripheral devices. Connecting the ER-A421/A411 to a scanner (not included), for example, brings the added advantage of speedy, accurate barcode entry. And when the ER-A421/A411 is connected to a PC, sales figures can be uploaded for efficient data management and analysis.

Other Key Features

· Flexible and programmable keyboards: flat keyboard (ER-A421) and normal keyboard (ER-A411)
· Auto power save function can be deactivated by pressing any key
· Tax (VAT) shift function (6 rates)
· Age Verification
· Additional Auto Keys (up to 10) to automate routine tasks; saves time with end-of-the-day tasks and is useful for creating 
  tender keys for the most commonly used banknotes
· Electronic Journal functions for European fiscal compliance


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